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'How many more buried friends,
from suicides and OD's before you comprehend?'
"Mind Control" - The Goddess vs The Drug War 2009

The answer to that question is infinite.

As Per Lady Elizabeth of Windsor's Request,
The ship is scuttled.

QE2R has decided to divorce Herself from Her past

Until it is acknowledged how She was assassinated.

The Grosso, Raemers, Pappas RIP version of my ETDW logo
contains all the magic from all my life's work.
Thusly my life's commitment to this cause comes to an end.

I cannot put into words my sense of anger, loss, sorrow, and heartbreak.

The souls of all who have been portrayed here and many that weren't

are near and dear to my heart and I'm sorry their fates did not wake you society.

I can no longer bear to live in the terror that it is to have been the person I was.