Know Thyself

Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Hinduism, Mayanism, Buddhism, Atheism
Communism & Capitalism
are all different versions of the same 'drug war'.

In this section I will cover the 5,000 year history
of the 'drug war'
which begins with the
Narmer Palette and HamuRabbi's Code,
so humanity can recover from this system
of planet destruction and mass murder.

Victory Stele of Naram Sin
2200 B.C.

HamuRabbi's Code
1772 B.C.

This is where it all begins.  This is the story of 'God's Law' being handed to humankind. It looks pretty dysfunctional doesn't it? Seems like a bit of mass murder and 'Saturn' warship.

Narmer Palette

3200 B.C.

It seems as though if you aren't the 'big guy' (Divine Right) then you are going to get the shaft.  It doesn't seem to be about 'do unto others' on these 'law code' or 'territorial assertion' documents.  It looks like Jewish ritual dysfunction.