Creating this site has been a meditation on horrors.  Dan Russell's thesis to his books is that fascism, which is the extreme of partriarchy is maudlin, and as such not subject to reason.  The 'inquisitorial neurosis' is a 'power trip' that some people believe they have a 'rite' to Jewdge people based on what they want to do with their own body.  (My Brother, Mother, Father, the police, etc.)  This 'power trip' is a 'god complex' that is best referred to as Jewish ritual dysfunction.  This behavior has gone on since the time of the Narmer Palette for the purposes of suppressing Shamanism and Entheogenic practices as they don't lead to people being 'good slaves'.

The Jews, Christians, Muslims, Mayans, Hindus, Buddhist, capitalists, atheists, Satanists and commuists feel they have a right to 'play god' with other people's lives, as in mutilate, maim, rape and murder.  They've had this 'neurosis' since narmer's palette.

It's going to take humanity re-orienting itself drastically in order to get people to re-align themselves with an ethic that isn't 'class based' and as such based on coercion' as our current world paradigm is.  Through understanding what the 'inquisitorial neurosis' is, and how it functions to turn the 'attorney, Jewdge, police, politician' class into worse than rabid dogs, we have the potential to create a healthier ethic.

Please study the pictures below to see why police, nazis, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and all other forms of 'class based' 'Judaism' (warship of Saturn/Satan) need to be forever abolished but for to study their worse than rabid dog dysfunctions so that they never happen again.

Jew Tricks
Old School

Old Habits Die Hard
New School

Why do thse burka clad women have ritual blood lust same as a Jew?

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How anyone can back Christianity after viewing images of the Conquistadors

Buy a girl dinner first?This is unhealthy foreplay

Ritual Dysfunction

Whom does the US Military Serve?
His name is Satan.

Hell isn't this cruel

Sharon was hung like this.

Weird Asphyxia Nazi Faggit Ritual
No Respect for Human Life

Even animals don't desecrate other animals in ways like this.